May 17, 2017

About Us


Vancouver Academy of Public Speaking (VAPS) is a passionate school dedicated to all spoken word, presentation, performance and communication skills. Founded in 2016, we have enabled people from all walks of life to become confident and exciting speakers.

With a strong focus on students, adolescents and young adults, our training combines highly interactive small-group work with coaching for your individual needs. As professional speakers and mentors, we will model what works for you.

We offer courses and programs on storytelling, drama, speech performance, improvisation, interview skills, debate, accents reduction, and more. Our courses are held in a positive and supportive atmosphere – creating a team geared towards your success. You learn from instructors, from mentors, from other students, and through self-reflection during coaching sessions.

Passionate about transformational training, we don’t just teach ground-breaking methods; we ensure you experience a permanent shift in your public speaking skills and mindset. With fun, creative methods, our training will build on your existing and hidden strengths.